Biological Cleaning Solutions

In their natural environment, bacteria produce smaller particles in response to the organics present in their environment. They produce extracellular enzymes that break down proteins, starches, fats, oils, greases and toilet tissue into smaller particles outside the bacterial cell. The bacteria then transport the smaller particles across their cell membrane for use as an energy source and for building of new cellular components. Since bacteria detect the organics present as potential food and produce specific enzymes to breakdown these organics, it is a very efficient system. Many different enzymes are required to completely breakdown a substrate.

Drain lines, grease traps, septic systems and surfaces are nutrient rich systems for bacteria. Although many bacteria can utilize these organics as food sources, it is the bacteria with the most rapid production of these key enzymes that provide the most dramatic effects. To obtain full benefit of Biological solutions some key factors need to be considered, pH and temperature of the system, the use of quaternary ammonium compounds(QAC's), chlorine-based bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Below you will find a list of products that can be used for various applications: