Nabane SA

Nabane SA is an official enzymes distributor for Novozymes SA servicing the following industries:- Brewing, Starch Processing, Laundry, Surgical Instrument Cleaning and Microorganisms for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

The nature of enzymes business requires sound technical and commercial expertise. Over the years we have acquired expertise on servicing these industries by providing technical solutions to our customers.


Enzymes are a group of complex proteins or conjugated proteins that are produced by living cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions. Enzymes are natural proteins produced in minute quantities by all living organisms (bacteria, plants, and animals) and functioning as highly selective biochemical catalysts by converting one molecule into another.

About Us

Nabane SA is a biochemical focused company that supply enzymes and other chemicals to Brewing & Malting Industry, Starch Processing Industry, Laundry Industry, Surgical Instrument Cleaning and Professional Cleaning Industry. Our products range from heat- stable alpha amylase, fungal alpha amylase, beta amylase, amyloglucosidase, protease, mannanase, lipase, pectinase and microorganisms. Our products are used to mitigate the need for sourcing expensive raw materials by providing better processing options compared to traditional chemical methods.

Suppling Enzymes For

Malting & Brewing Processes

Enzymes Are Essential

To Life

Supplying Enzymes To The

Laundry & Cleaning Industry

Enzymes Are Produced Via

Fermentation Processes

Our Focus

Our focus is to grow our knowledge by prioritizing biological solutions that will improve production needs for our customers.

Our Core Values

Customer Centric Approach
Caring for our environment
Customer Service
Value Adding Solutions
Focus on Quality

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